Goner - A new survival horror experience

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Embark on a journey of primal terror

Goner is an epic horror adventure starring Anthony Sunder, a son
looking for his missing mother and her expedition crew. 

His search will lead him to the location of a ghost island inhabited by hostile members of a lost civilization and feral fauna you thought extinct.


Survival of the fittest

Goner is a new take on the survival genre featuring breathtaking 3D visuals, advanced AI driven by complex behaviours and interactions that will test your skills and determination to stay alive.

Dinosaurs ... but no guns

Face these massive creatures and try not to get caught. This time you are not a heavy armed hero, just a regular dude. 

Of course, you will be able to defend yourself with anything you can craft with your own two hands... There is where the true horror resides.

They can see, hear, and...smell you. Often, running and hiding would be your best choice. 

Settle, Prepare and Explore

Across the island you will find "safe rooms" such as shallow caves, structures or high tree branches. Use these places to rest, craft, upgrade or change your gear and save your progress.

Self-managment is crucial to thrive in your journey. Think on what you are going to need to get yourself to the next location and prepare accordingly.

Live, unveil the mistery

  • Survival Mode: Your only goal is to live as many days as possible. Rewards and achievements will be gathered for your next tries.
  • Story Mode: You start the game with a clear mission: find your mother and her missing crew...and get the hell out of there. Along the way, you will learn about what's going on the island and its secrets. Meet unforgettable characters, and get yourself involved on interesting side quests. 


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